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And big ambitions are here to play.

Youth sailor Xavier Doerr plans to depart Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast in May/June 2023 in order to break three records in his solo circumnavigation of Australia, aiming to be the fastest, youngest sailor to complete the journey on the smallest boat. Xavier aims to complete the journey in under 50 days.
In order to facilitate his journey, Xavier has spent the past two years refitting and training in a 21ft high performance carbon fibre offshore racing yacht; a Mini Transat 650 class yacht. The Mini Transat - a boat specifically designed for high performance solo sailing across the Atlantic ocean forms the perfect platform to complete such a record attempt. Xavier has worked tirelessly from before sunrise to after sunset in order to bring the boat to a world class standard, funding the entire purchase, logistics and rebuild of the yacht to date through the proceeds of his business Waterline Dive Cleaning. "Waterline" is a race yacht built and funded to this point through consistent hard work, quite literally from scrubbing dirty boat bums and the support of Waterline's awesome clients on the Gold Coast.
Xavier has completed the entire refit of the yacht by himself in the leadup to the campaign, with the aim of delivering a boat that is bulletproof and better than new. After making the initial purchase of the boat, she was trucked from Melbourne to Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast, where Xavier began the major refit, completely disassembling every nut, bolt and screw to ensure a full and thorough refit was completed. After three months, the boat was dropped back into the water at SYC. Bright pink, bearing a new mast, fully upgraded systems and an overhaul to every functioning aspect of the boat.

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