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The Little Aussie Lap may be tracked live via the above livestream feed, when Xavier has his Starlink wifi network active. When inactive, the feed will read Invalid Livestream. Check back again soon to see if he is live! Follow along live with Xavier's journey in his yacht GCCM. This livestream is provided for public viewing, and is not a safety tool. Xavier is supported by a large, highly experienced shore team who monitors his position 24/7 and maintains communications. This team is in constant communication with VMR and emergency services.

For those who are familiar with remote offshore sailing - you know that the ability to have high speed wifi, and livestream IP cameras running on a little boat in remote waters is unheard of. 

Ray at Southern Seas marine has facilitated this ability with the introduction of the Southern Seas Marine Starlink Maritime unit - a new innovation that allows Xavier access to higher wifi speeds than accessible back at home as part of the world class electronics system designed by Ray. Kim Scott at has facilitated the ability to remotely manage camera systems and livestream, and access these files remotely via the cloud in an extremely cost effective manner. GCCM has enabled the use of the hardware for the attempt, organising the IP camera and associated hardware to get the ball rolling and allow this system to exist.

It is through the combination of these three amazing businesses and the people behind them that allow for this access to occur. If you have the chance, send a huge thank you to each of these businesses for their support, innovations and ability to help you tune in!

There are a number of ways to view the Tracking screen depending on your preferred mobile device. For more in depth updates, follow the
The Little Aussie Lap Facebook.

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Xavier Doerr
Phone: +61 413969962
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