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Two days in and it has been absolutely hard going. It was a hectic night last night for Xavier and Waterline as anyone watching the radar has seen. Throughout the night he was battling 30 kn winds gusting to 40+ kn and surfing down the back of waves that were 4 to 4+ metres. A rough and wet night with no sleep and as the wind and seas ease later today he will be able to dry out. He is looking good, he is on track. After 2 full days, he has sailed 223 NM and is rounding Frazer Island to start and head up toward the reef.

He was able to jump on the Sat Phone and chat to his team this morning; his Mum Caitlin, PJ Habner and Steve Curtis and will check in with Simon Turpin this afternoon. The little legend sounds great besides being super tired. He is looking forward to the next few days, getting some food in, some much needed rest and getting into a routine.

He wanted to say thanks for all the support! Still buoyed by the incredible flotilla that saw him off and cant wait to see you all soon!

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